The 1911 Car
1911 Touring Car  produced in November, 1911
Engine  Number 82425
Serial Number 83507
Unrestored, relatively unmolested example with about a jillion miles under its belt,  this  Model T Ford has provided some very interesting details over the years.  Some of these have been assembled into separate web pages (see links, bottom).
We are not sure about the date of this picture;  the license plate appears  to be California 1942.    It shows the car in the Veterans Day Parade in Porterville, California.  This is probably the last time the brass was polished. We purchased the car from the former Ford dealer in 1971.
These photos show the car in November, 2001
Top has become a sporty sunroof......
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Links to various pages of details
.  I D Numbers
. Under the Front Floorboards
. Rands Windshield Plate
. Muffler bands, Control Rod Ends
. Dash (Firewall) Fasteners
. Front Floorboards
. Curtain Fastener Locations
. Rear Floorboards
Top Saddles, Hubcaps
.Gaslight tubing and fittings - 2
. Lights
. Top Sockets and Body Mounting
. Patent Plate Location
. Seat Cushion Upholstery
. Seat Cushion Retainers
. Underneath Seat Areas
. Carburetor - Fan - Wiring Clip
.Steering Column Flange Hardware
. Murphy Fastener & Valve Cover   
Door checkstraps
. Other points of interest