Upholstery Details
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Phil Mino
Strathmore,  CA

Seat cushion upholstery is done in diamond tufted leather with a leather front facing;  side and rear facings appear to be imitation leather.  Bottom is also faced with imitation leather.
Construction is quite interesting -  the facings and tufted face appear to be tacked together on the top while the bottom facing appears to be hand-sewn to complete the assembly.
Bottom facing is installed over a piece of thin cardboard.  Front cushion facing has come apart - note the tack holes in the upper piece of leather................
The tacks which hold the upper tufted piece, the welt, burlap, and upper edge of facings.  Springs do not have the later style crimp edge.   No evidence of hog rings being used in either cushion.
This is a front cushion (less spring) from another 1912 touring car.   The facings have obviously been replaced with some non-standard material.   Note that the facing appears to be hand sewn together.