Combination Model T & Model A Main Bearing Babbitt Mould
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Set up for pouring Model T main bearings
Model T core is 1 5/32" diameter ;  pouring blocks are 3/4" in height with a 45 degree bevel
Core support is made in two pieces  allowing rapid removal to add Model A adapter sleeves.
Front and center sleeves  are held in place with a  small 10-32 screw once located properly.
Model A rear main requires that a thrust flange is cast in the babbitt.  The aluminum disk is milled to a depth of .220 ;  OD is 2.250.  Steel sleeve is bored for a .003 press fit on the disk.
Longer sleeve is required for Model A rear  main; overall length is approx. 4 1/2 inches.   Flange collars  are positioned and fastened firmly with thumbscrews.  Addition of pouring blocks and top block complete the setup.
Phil Mino
Strathmore, CA
Model A pouring set up shown without pouring blocks in place